Using AES cipher in Java components
Posted by Van Glass on 13 May 2009 02:58 AM
The AES cipher is not supported by default in JSCAPE components for Java. Also, this is a restricted cipher that is not supported by the default Java installation. To use AES ciphers you must perform the following:

1. Download and install Unlimited Jurisdiction Policy Files provided by Sun.

2. Set your code to add support for AES ciphers as follows:

SshConfiguration configuration = new SshConfiguration();
configuration.getTransportConfiguration().getAlgorithmFactory().addCipher("aes128-cbc", "AES/CBC/NoPadding", 16);
configuration.getTransportConfiguration().getAlgorithmFactory().addCipher("aes192-cbc", "AES/CBC/NoPadding", 24);
configuration.getTransportConfiguration().getAlgorithmFactory().addCipher("aes256-cbc", "AES/CBC/NoPadding", 32);

// for SFTP connections
Sftp sftp = new Sftp(params,configuration);

// for SSH connections
Ssh ssh = new Ssh(params,configuration);
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