About screen still shows "Evaluation" or "Community" edition
Posted by Van Glass on 21 June 2007 11:04 PM
If after installing your server license your Help > About screen for JSCAPE MFT Server Manager still shows a Type field of "Evaluation" or "Community" then please perform the following:

1. Shutdown JSCAPE MFT Server Manager.

2. Shutdown the administrative service for JSCAPE MFT Server. In Windows this is accomplished via JSCAPE MFT Server > Administrative Tools > Stop service. In Linux/Unix you may accomplish this by executing the file

3. Replace license.lic file in your JSCAPE MFT Server installation directory with the license file provided to you.

4. Restart administrative service and JSCAPE MFT Server.

If you continue to have trouble, it may be that the IP address the license is bound to is not found on the system you are installing JSCAPE MFT Server on. To see what IP addresses are on your server run the following command from your shell prompt:


ifconfig -a



This command will display a list of IP addresses on your local system. The IP address that your license is bound to must be one of these addresses. Please verify that the Host field in the Help > About screen lists one of these IP addresses.

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